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    Exceptional Linens Since 1997

    Creating interiors wrapped in casual elegance and beauty has been my life's work. I started my first venture in the 1990s manufacturing top of bed products in San Francisco, where my passion for fabrics and mission to add comfort and beauty to the bedroom merged seamlessly. 

    Luxury hotels and leading retailers carry my products because of my reputation for quality and eye for design. Discerning brides always have San Francisco Linens on their registries and even Hollywood has come calling. I get a kick out of the fact that my duvets, bedskirts, and sheets have even made their way into films over the years, so my bedding has been rumpled by movie stars. 

    My deep knowledge of the craft of weaving and relationship with some of the finest mills in India have resulted in San Francisco Linens being able to offer the style of sheets made legendary by Italian weavers, at a much more approachable price.


    Susan Veresh

    Made to Our Exacting Standards from Design through Manufacturing

    Piles of fabric swatches, sketches, and loose stacks of color references compete with views of the garden lined with mature live oak and sycamore trees and vineyards in the sunroom of my home that is my one-woman cottage studio for San Francisco Linens in Napa Valley. I develop concepts for patterns and textures for my bedding and pillows, often working with artisan fabric designers to refine and expand ideas.

    Designs accepted for manufacturing are made to my exacting standards in collaboration with the best suppliers and weavers, trusted relationships I have cultivated through the years. My sheeting is produced by a reputable textile mill in southern India, while the pillows are created in California.

    Sustainability at the Textile Mill

    Fabric Dyes are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals―at every stage of manufacturing, from spinning yarn to warping, weaving, and finishing.

    Wind Power: 100% of the fabric manufacturing is powered by 140 windmills.

    99% of water used in the manufacturing processes is purified and recycled using biological and reverse-osmosis methods. Similarly, caustic soda is recovered and reused.

    Rainwater is harvested and stored and used where appropriate to conserve the use of municipal water sources. The mill has a storage capacity of over 1.3 million gallons per year.

    Heat recovery systems at the mill ensure optimum energy efficiency.

    Social Responsibility

    Many of the mill employees live on the mill campus where their compensation includes room and board. The Dining Hall serves nearly 4000 meals a day.

    Employees are free to study further while working. There are arrangements with universities for distance education and many successful graduates come out of the campus as a result. Scholarships for education are available for employees and their families.

    Some of the mill directors serve as trustees in surrounding hospitals that provide healthcare for needy people.  As many as 14 pediatric heart surgeries are sponsored by the trustees each year.

    As part of their focus on health and well-being, regular first aid and fire safety training is required for everyone working at the mill. Periodic health check-ups are a part of employee benefits, and emergency services and medical personnel are maintained on site.

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