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    What Does Thread Count Mean Anyway?

    What Does Thread Count Mean Anyway?

    Thread count is the combined number of yarns used in both the horizontal warp and the vertical weft yarns in a one-inch square of fabric. 

    We picked 440 thread count because after all the rigorous tests, 440 proved to be the best combination of durability, a buttery soft feel and the ability to withstand the rigors of commercial laundries.  At home, you will be pleased how long these sheets will last.

    Thread count is only one element of many

    The process of creating fine cotton sheeting includes many elements:

    • Cotton fiber: long-staple (fiber length)
    • Yarns: how many (thread count) and what size
    • Weaving: design and width/type of loom
    • Finishing: for color, sheen, softness, durability 
    • Sewing: final design and construction details such as our merrow stitching trim

    All elements work together to create any number of versions of sheeting. In fact, the number is staggering!  

    To describe a version using only one of these elements is very misleading indeed. Have you ever purchased a 600 Thread Count sheet set and been disappointed with how they felt? To put all this information on the packaging could be daunting for you the consumer, but to list only one is not fair either.

    Buying sheeting knowing only the thread count is like buying a bag of cookies in a plain brown bag with a label that lists only one ingredient: sugar.

    Thread count is important, but it is only one part of the process.











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